• CanarySong777

    Higher Relationship Points grant you minor rewards as you progress through the game; mostly private letters, but also special epilogue endings. I'm working towards compiling a list of the responses that give the max amount of points for Mitsunari Ishida.

    I missed the first response. I forget what I chose, but it was the dramatic answer (4 points drama, 2 romance). Mitsunari favors answers that are straight forward, show a willingness to help the Oda, or state facts.

    On the first day the heroine helps Mitsunari, he mistakes her for a cat. Starting from there and moving forward, the best responses are:

    "I am not a cat." "They're so nutritious!"

    • Give a friend warning*

    I will update as I move through the route.

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  • Sasa draagneel

    [[File:Sasa_Dragneel_School_Uniform_and_Stage_Uniform.jpg|thumb|My Stage Coord and School Uniform Hope you Like it Yume-Kawo!>W//

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