"I'll always be there for you. That's a promise."

Ishida Mitsunari is a warlord in Ikémen Sengoku, and is available to be chosen for romance in the Japanese version of the game.

Appearance Edit

Mitsunari is often seen wearing his uniform, consisting of purple, gold, white and black accents. He has dark grey hair with purple eyes, and a beauty mark under his left eye near the back. His appearance is often described in ways that refer to angelic or holy beings, heaven, or a deity of some sort. His smile is very commonly seen as being angelic and beaming, and he's very often seen smiling.

He is sometimes seen wearing spectacles, often when reading.

Personality Edit

Mitsunari arguably has the most pleasant personality of the warlords; he's almost always hopeful, cheerful, and bright, and will smile in most situations, if not looking on just as pleasantly as his demeanour is. He's extremely helpful and will offer to assist where he can. He also seems to be extremely inexperienced with emotions, in that it takes him a long time to even suspect his feelings for the heroine in side stories and event endings he's involved in.

Mitsunari is an avid reader and bookworm. In Mitsunari's birthday story, Ieyasu complains about visiting Mitsunari's room and being nearly buried under an avalanche of books!

However, Mitsunari is not all good; he's shown at times to be envious of others, and can be extremely serious when he needs to be. Despite being a tactician for the Oda Forces, the weight of his role is a heavy one, and because of that he's willing to go to great lengths to preserve the lives of allied soldiers and warlords.

He's also shown himself to be self-conscious and lacking confidence in his abilities. He greatly admires Ieyasu's hard work, determination and skill in fighting. He's highly intelligent and a master tactician, so much so that it's deemed a "secret talent" by the Oda Forces, but he's hardly aware of his capabilities and doesn't have as much faith in them as one would expect considering his performance in keeping the Oda Forces' war efforts smooth.

Gameplay Edit

Mitsunari is the second character encountered by the heroine. After saving Nobunaga from being assassinated, she Mitsunari arrives with troops coming to secure Nobunaga. Mitsunari shrugs off the heroine's refusal to present herself to him, instead apologising for not introducing himself. When she says that she comes from the future, he assumes she is dazed from the smoke and confused, and fetches her the default outfit given to the player before then getting her water.

Mitsunari is Hideyoshi Toyotomi's vassal and works under him, and so takes orders from the other warlords and works alongside them as well.

Mitsunari is currently only available as a suitor to be romanced in the Japanese version of the game, but has birthday side stories available in both the latter and the English version.

Historical Edit

Mitsunari's father was a retainer for the Azai clan, but then halted service after the clan was defeated. Mitsunari was supposedly a Buddhist monk before serving Hideyoshi, although this wasn't confirmed, but then met him when he was young and Hideyoshi was the daimyō of Nagahama. Hideyoshi engaged in several attacks, in which Mitsunari assisted, becoming a more prominent tactician in the process. he was notable for his abilities with calculation and gained a reputation as a financial manager, and was a member of Hideyoshi's government. He was later appointed as the daimyō of Sawayama. Its castle was one of the best-fortified castles during this time span.

Mitsunari didn't get along with many of Hideyoshi's subordinates and relatives, and disagreed with many after Hideyoshi died on whether or not Ieyasu Tokugawa was fit to be relief on when Hideyoshi's child was a nominal lord. Mitsunari gathered an army and moved against Ieyasu, but was crushed decisively, resulting in his execution by decapitation in Kyoto, where his head was mounted on a stand as an example. There is a legend which says, however, that Ieyasu took him in under one of his veteran generals and protected him, allowing him to die naturally.